Kraft Freebie Free Box of Kraft Dinner When You Tweet

“So, rumour has it the world might end on Dec. 21st, 2012. At least that’s what the doomsday predictors are saying. But whether it happens or not, it does bring up an interesting question. If you had one meal left, what would it be? Some might say lobster. Some might say steak. But, if you’re one of the world’s greatest cheese lovers, you might even say KD macaroni and cheese. And if you do, you’re in luck. Be one of the first 20,012 people to say so on twitter and we’ll mail you a free box. ”

Be one of the 20012 people to tweet that you want your last meal to be KD with #KDpocalypse and they will mail you a free box of Kraft Dinner.

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